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Politics in the United States has a relatively long and dynamic history for a country that is a fledgling among the other countries of the world.  However what the United States does have is a highly evolved structure to its government and by extension its political systems which then lend a significant amount of credence and legitimate respect.  While many other nations that have been around a great deal longer have struggled under the weight of political turmoil, violent militias and guerillas, terrorism, and civil unrest due to an ineffective or oppressive government, the United States of America has been able to stay very stable, supported by a powerful backbone deeply rooted in the ideals of democracy and freedom.  Take the image above for example; which one could argue is not taking the president and first lady seriously enough by placing their faces in a comical way on a classic piece of art.  In some totalitarian nations, just the thought of such an idea could get someone executed.  In America, people are free to protest their government freely as long as they do so peacefully, and that is probably something that certain parts of the world absolutely hate; in particular, those nations (for the sake of being civil we won’t name names) that would publicly execute a woman for leaving her family home without having a male family member to accompany her.  Now America is certainly not a utopia, it was in fact one of the last nations to abolish slavery, but it is a far cry from being a nation with a government that openly supports sexist, racist, and xenophobic behavior of its citizens, particular those that lead to violence and death.


This photo was shot by Mikel Iturria.

This quote you see above is certainly one that means more in the world today than it ever did.  Or perhaps not really, considering how little time goes by in the world without at least one nation dealing with a civil war or having two nations involved in conflict.  You could zoom in further on that cultural microscope and argue that any person that becomes violent against another is a microcosm of war and is a breakdown of what we should be striving for.


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Here we see the numbers don’t lie and in recent years the United States has had some serious economic issues, typified by the high unemployment rate.  Thankfully in the most recent years, the economy has been stabilizing and employment has been going up but most people aren’t too eager to get their hopes up just yet.

Considering the series of conflicts in the Middle East that the United Nations joint-military forces (most of which were comprised of American soldiers) have been enduring for more than a decade, most people are hoping for an end to these costly conflicts as they don’t just drain the economy but also the quality of life for the wounded warriors coming home.  With some hard work, patience, and good leadership, that goal will hopefully become a reality in the near future.